About Our Company

LED downlights and spotlights can make any place lighter, give it a special atmosphere if they’re dimmable, and have great saving capabilities. They emit lots of light and almost no heat, which makes them a greatly money-saving option, as you pay for what you wanted to have. They also help our environment, as there are no chemicals and UV emitted, and the materials are recyclable. They are easy to repair, replace, and adjust to your environment, creating the interior you want.

Green Building Group is the company you need if you want to switch to LED lighting and get all its benefits. We sell lights for living places (houses, apartments), as well as for museums, art galleries, theaters, etc. You can find diodes of different color, form, and purpose here at our website.

LEDs can be fixed or adjustable, meaning the light goes straight down or can be adjusted to highlight a certain object. The latter are very convenient for galleries, museums, and stage performances, as there are often objects or people that have to be highlighted properly.

Twin, triplet, and quad LEDs are also quite popular, meaning one lamp has two, three, or four diodes. You can make a row longer by adding diodes or adjust their positions to have any form you need. In case you have a special order, make sure to consult our specialists so you choose the best thing possible for your needs.

Contact us whenever you need, we will do our best to answer all your questions about our website and its purpose. We want you deliver high-quality LEDs to our customers, according to the budgets, needs, and requirements. If you want to get a friendly service and a high-quality product delivered on time, you are very welcome here.

Green Building Group will be waiting for your call or a letter to answer all the inquiries and get orders!