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Choosing the Proper Lighting for Late Night Readers

If you like reading at night or work late in the evening you probably know how painfully it can be to sit and stare at your monitor. This is why getting the proper lighting set up is extremely crucial if you want to save your eyes and work without any discomfort. The best choice for you can be the led spots since those can be really good both for your wallet and for your eyes.


Led Lighting Benefits for Your Eyes

  • They don’t flicker.
    This is the worst for so many people and your eyes get tired of flickering fluorescent a lot. And it’s totally the opposite with LEDs. If you get led inbouwspots, they won’t flicker as LED produces long and stable light.
  • You can get the proper led spotjes.
    This is really nice since only you have to decide on the quality and the color of the light you’ll get. You can get led spot inbouwspots in warm and yellow, or you could choose something brighter and whiter.
  • You can control the amount of light you’re getting.
    Control is important and you want to make sure you buy some led inbouwspots dimbaar for your working place. This way you can get right as much of light as you need and adjust it so you can read or work in the position you want.
  • You can match it to the screen.

There is a rule of thumb for you, your inbouw led spots should be pretty much as bright as your screen is. If the lamp is sitting right next to the monitor, make sure it’s the right color first. Your led spots inbouw should be white, just as the most of the screens as long as there is no filter.


There is no need to worry about your eyesight if you’re using led inbouwspots. The proper lighting and some eye gymnastics from time to time can work wonders. So next time you’re shopping for light bulbs, think of getting a led inbouwspot too.